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Yes I know I haven't written in this thing for a very long time. A lot has happened to me since I last posted. I got through my first semester at NIU, I've made it through a good portion of my first mid west winter, and I got my first dog guide. She is an amazing dog and I love her to death. I am happy with her work and she is happy with me, so I guess it has all worked out nicely.

I'm using the iPad LJ app so I hope to post more frequently. I'll keep updating, hopefully on a regular basis now.

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I have decided that I am going to stop smoking tomorrow.  There is never an easy time to quit so I might as well quit sooner than later.  I will need support but I know I can do it.  I am serious about this and I have many really solid reasons for doing it.  

Moving on
Well I have started the process of moving.  This week is going to be full of packing, throwing away, boxing, and all of the other activities that can be associated with a move across the country.  I am really excited about the upcoming semester.  I have a house with two of my favorite people in the world and I have a really dedicated advisor who will do anything to help me succeed.  

I really have my girlfriend to thank for this.  When we met she was already planning on going to NIU.  I asked her questions about the school and I decided to do some research of my own.  When I started looking into NIU I was disgusted with my former institution and looking for a change.  I wanted to find a way to combine the interests I have into one comprehensive major.  I was accepted to NIU for Special Education of persons with visual impairment.  After going to orientation and having a real ignorant advisor who knew nothing about the program I became disheartened.  I received a phone call from Dr. Kapperman, who is the head of the vision department, and he told that he was willing to do a contract major with me.  My major is Assistive Technology with coursework in disability law.  I have my fall schedule and I can't wait to get started. 

I was accused by some of going to school in Illinois because Liz was going there.  Anyone who knows me would know that I would not change my life and uproot myself just because my girlfriend is doing so.  She introduced me to the school and opened my eyes to a field of study which I had never considered before.  Liz, I can't thank you enough.  Weather you know it or not you have shown me something wonderful and I don't know how I can ever repay you.  

I might get to go to the beach after all.  Liz asked her mom if I could go with her family to the shore next week.  Nancy had no problem with it, she only said that Liz would have to ask her grandfather whose place we would be staying at.  I am really happy that Liz asked.  Even if the answer is no, I wanted her to ask.  I guess I'm different from most guys.  Most guys could care less about their girlfriends family.  I really care that they get to know me and like me.  We plan on being together for a long time and either getting married or something equivalent to marriage without all of the religious and ceremonial bull crap.  I feel that the opportunity we have to study and work together will only serve to bring us closer together.  The fact that we will have our own work as well will give us the alone time that we will need.  Very few couples receive this kind of an opportunity.  Hell, very few couples could work together without having huge problems.  I do not anticipate Liz and I having any difficulty.  We are both rational people with exceptional problem solving skills.  In short, everything is going to work out perfectly.  I truly believe that, for the first time in a very long while.  

I really feel great today.  I am getting things done around here and I feel like the future is bright and full of possibilities.  I am happy that I will get to share my life and work with somebody who will appreciate it.  I truly am the luckiest man alive.     

Fingers crossed
The possibility of the cat having a home for the next year is becoming more of a reality.  I hope it works out.

I'm looking for something to do tonight.  It sucks because I am bored and tired.  The level of bored makes me want to go out but the level of tired seems to squash the idea once it forms in my head.  What is a man to do?  I'll think of something. 

kitty cat
Well we have someone who might take care of the cat while we are in DeKalb.  I hope it works out with this person because they are close to us and the cat would be well taken care of. 

I feel better than I did when I was writing my first entry.  Today has been an off day and I'm not sure why.  It gets really lonely around here after a short period of time.  That won't hold true for long but these next few weeks are going to be hard.  My good friend Lou is in Italy and Liz won't be coming up again until a day before we move to Illinois.  We both have things that we need to do and people we want to see before we go, so, these next few weeks are going to be filled with visits and packing.  You know, the normal pre-moving crap.  It's fun...well... not really. 


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